Frappuccinos - 16 oz. $3.50

Cookies & Cream A classic pairing chocolate cookies and sweet cream

Salted Caramel A rich caramel with subtle hints of salt for a perfect pairing | contains coffee base

Orange Cream The classic American summertime treat brought to you in a whole new way

Java Chip Sweet bits of chocolate paired with Columbian arabicia coffee | contains coffee base

Vanilla A decadent blend of coffee and creamy vanilla | contains coffee base

Vanilla Bean Velvety vanilla and sweet cream with flecks of Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans

Chocolate Mint Chip Decadent, semi-sweet, chocolate chips plus cool peppermint set in a chocolatey base

Smoothies - 16 oz. $3.50

Four Berry A bramble of berries mingle in this anti-oxidant powerhouse

Mango Sweet mango brightened with pineapple and banana

Strawberry Juicy straberries just perfect all on their own

Peach, Pear, Apricot Sweet peaches & tart apricots, plus pear too

Strawberry Banana A class pairing: juicy strawberries with creamy banana

Pineapple Tropical breezes are on tap with pineapple, banana, and a hint of coconut flavor

Milkshakes - $4.00 | $4.50 | $5.00

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